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VOE Requests

Instructions for Requesting a VOE (Verification of Enrollment) for the DMV: 
THE VOE is a Legal Document and CANNOT be emailed or faxed.
The DMV currently requires that all students - present a valid VOE when they go to the DMV for a Learner's Permit or their Driver's License.   
The SVHS Front Office will issue the VOE - after proof of attendance is confirmed with our Attendance officer.
The VOE is good for 30 days from the date it is issued.
Steps for requesting a VOE:
1 - Student comes to front office and signs on a separate VOE clipboard.
2 - Front Office confirms that the student's attendance is in good standing.
3 - Front Office prints VOE form (students do not need to bring a form with them)
4 - Student will sign while at the school
5 - Front Office staff will sign as the designee - as soon as it is printed
6 - IMPORTANT:  Parent/Guardians DO NOT Sign the form until you are in front of the clerk at the DMV.  If the parent/guardian does sign the form ahead of time, it will make the VOE null and void.   (Clerks at the DMV have and will turn students away if the parent signs before they are in front of the clerk.)
7 - IMPORTANT:  VOE's are able to be picked up during all regular school days and school hours (8:25am - 4:45pm).  However, the Front Office is closed on all of the Student/Staff Holidays.